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We have been teaching the industry about PVT & Phase Behavior, Gas Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Gas Condensate Reservoirs for the last 40 years. Now we are excited to make this available to you online.

Words of people who learned expert skills and knowledge
and never looked back!

Prof. Curtis H. Whitson was my mentor during my academic studies and we still have regular discussions and knowledge sharing sessions. I am happy to see that more knowledge will be available to the industry through whitson academy, and I am certain that Curtis and his colleagues will provide us with many great learning experiences.
Kolbjørn Stenvold
Reservoir Engineer, Aker BP
Curtis has a rare ability to teach so that everyone learns something they didn’t know before, no matter what their level of expertise coming in. Despite having 35 years of experience in the PVT/EOR area, I never fail to learn something new every time I listen to Curtis. This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge from one of the legends in the industry.
Russ Bone
PVT Domain Expert, ConocoPhillips
Tao Yang
Specialist Reservoir Technologies, Equinor
whitson’s courses give you deep insight into a specific discipline like PVT, gas condensate, or gas based EOR. More importantly, the courses teach the practical approach to solve the daily technical tasks. The practical approach you learn from the courses will not only help you to solve the current challenges, but also play an important role to tackle any future challenges.
I had thought I was pretty good at PVT and EOS building before the course, but the whitson team really takes you to the next level in terms of both fundamental understanding and application. I’ve had a number of virtual interactions since and have been thoroughly impressed with their responsiveness. Highly recommended.
Mark Burgoyne
Principal Reservoir Engineer, Santos

At Seven Generations Energy (7G), we needed a thorough understanding of the reservoir fluid properties and gas EOR potential in our liquid-rich Montney asset. So, I attended the PVT and EOR courses by Curtis Whitson and his team and worked with them on related projects. I have had a wonderful experience and will continue working with them in the future.
Farhad Qanbari
Unconventional Reservoir Specialist, 7G Energy